Job seekers: 3 things you need

By · Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

In a recent report published by Forbes, we read about the three things job seekers need:

“a killer resume, an articulate interview, and a healthy dose of patience”

Patience is key. The report, “Study Confirms the American Hiring Process is Now 10.3 Days Longer,” explains what employers do these days to find the right fit.

According to Chief Economist Andrew Chamberlain of Glassdoor, which conducted the study, here’s why the process takes longer:

This is the interesting part of the Forbes report — the background checks — for the simple reason that they are so easily conducted now, as Chamberlain explains:

“Today [a background check] is routine. They’ve gotten so cheap, and there’s so much digitized data on people, it’s an easy way to measure someone’s judgment and responsibility.”

Note the emphasis on judgment and responsibility.

These are all questions we raise when talking about how to brand yourself.

Today, it’s not just what you know but how you show it. A good first step before you share your resume is to look at your digital brand. Just as you’d clean up typos in a cover letter, be sure you take care of anything amiss out there that might cost you a closer look.

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