Gatorade for inspiration? Give it a try

By · Monday, August 28th, 2017

Gatorade. Two TV commercials have become favorites in the memorable way they urge us to “rehydrate, replenish and refuel.”

“One and Only” has this kicker: “So if you want to be the one and only, and not just one of many, give that extra ounce. It might just be the one that all the others don’t.”

“Difference Maker” ends this way: “The next ounce you give might just be the one the other guy doesn’t.”

“Give.” That’s the theme that resonates.

On this first day of classes at Syracuse University, it’s a fitting time to share with students who are studying to be journalists that from the beginning, they will be expected to give to their profession:

It’s a competitive world for journalists, too. Working is not enough. Neither is working hard. Or long. Or for a good number of years. Read the latest news about layoffs, buyouts and job eliminations at any news organization around the country, and you’ll understand.

So why do it? Why spend thousands of dollars a year — for four years — to eventually take on a job that will challenge you, drain you and then, maybe, drop you?

Why do athletes do it?

They are devoted and driven. So are journalists. And while journalists will never make the kind of money that professional athletes do, they are passionate about their calling.

Perhaps in these trying times, when journalists are under constant attack like never before, they can apply the Gatorade message in a way that helps them cope and gives them hope. They might consider this: “Rehydrate, replenish and refuel” — any way you can, as often as possible, determined to have an advantage over the next guy.

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