Multijob Journalists: More Edits a Must

If you want an idea of what editors go through when making deadline decisions on major stories, read Arthur Brisbane’s account. The New York Times public editor details what was happening in the Times newsroom on the day of the Tucson shootings and how it happened that the news organization reported on its website that […]

NYT Public Editor on Today’s Challenges

Lots to think about in today’s column by Arthur Brisbane, public editor at The New York Times. His column is about boundaries and the challenges he sees ahead for the news organization and its relationship with readers. Blending of opinion with news. As Brisbane states: In my experience, people value boundaries, rely on them and […]

Think before you publish

I read with interest the column in Sunday’s New York Times by public editor Arthur Brisbane under the headline “What if the Secrets Stayed Secret?” about the latest WikiLeaks release. Brisbane, in his first sentence, described having read the previous Monday’s NYT coverage “with what can only be described as a sinking feeling.” The question […]

Where readers still get the attention

As I read today’s column by The New York Times’ newest public editor, Arthur Brisbane, several of his comments about his role at the newspaper resonated with me. Brisbane calls his job “a kind of journalistic ‘CSI.’” That means he’ll be retracing issues with stories and unraveling the how or why as questions about stories […]