Think digital #32 — keep it simple

The digital world is tightly knit and tightly writ. You’ll find phrases. Fragments. Sentences without verbs. Yet you’ll understand what you read. People are used to the staccato style. The short sentences. Breaking news is delivered as briefs. It’s quick. Sometimes it’s: “This just in…” We’re talking about news and information written specifically for websites, apps […]

The new newsroom

Editor & Publisher column discusses new media and new workspaces.

Why Journalists Should Know their Biz

A report coming out today concludes that journalists need to know the relationship between their audiences and their online models. That report, written by researchers at Columbia University, is the topic of a story in today’s New York Times. The intention of the report is to help journalists fully reap the monetary benefits of their […]

Make writing tight, logical: Video

Sometimes we read something and it stops us — for the wrong reason. It doesn’t make sense. We list some of these “favorites” in our book, including such things as “an almost infinite list.” But something can’t be “almost infinite.” Obvious as that is, we’ve seen this one quite a few times over the years. […]

Sign up for Al’s Morning Meeting

Here’s a shoutout to Al Tompkins’ Al’s Morning Meeting. It’s a must read for me every day. You know, not every idea needs to be your own, original idea. Every day, news organizations are basically writing the same stories, or the same kinds of stories, with their own personal twist and their own local taste. […]

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog. We’re professors in the Newspaper and Online Journalism Department at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Our blog and our book, “Think Like an Editor,” are all about doing, sure, because there is a long and growing “to do” list in news operations of all kinds. But […]