ESPN must monitor itself, more openly

When ESPN came along, no one was happier than me, a “sports nut” all my life. It was definitely a “pinch me” moment. “A network just for sports? Are you kidding me?” What’s happened in the more than quarter-century since then has been surreal. I’ve watched the network become so much more than game broadcasts: […]

Much to learn from tale of Te’o

It’s the perfect time to post about Manti Te’o, the Notre Dame football player. You probably think I’m kidding. Aren’t most of us too sick of it to even think about it? We were duped by a once-in-a-lifetime story; let’s just learn our lesson and move on. But it’s not once in a lifetime, really. […]

Hitler comparison makes news — again

UPDATE: ESPN has announced it will permanently drop Hank Williams Jr.’s song, “All My Rowdy Friends,” as its musical opening for Monday Night Football.   There are lessons for us everywhere — every day — and not just on our favorite journalism sites. Today’s lesson? It’s on, where there’s a report this morning that […]

What athletes tweet: lessons for all

On the road to work, I heard something on a sports radio program that fits with this week’s earlier post by my blog co-author, who suggested that collaboration is all about making judgments and, at times, leaving some things unsaid. The network was ESPN and the topic was tweeting. The big question: What is appropriate […]

Why is Doris Burke a (huge) exception?

As I sit here watching way too much sports — that is, 24-7 college basketball and a fair measure of the NBA mixed in — I marvel again at how few women are part of the television broadcast teams in play-by-play and analyst roles. Like maybe ONE woman? That would be Doris Burke, who has […]