You’re ‘just’ a … what?

not teaching, still THINKING …  This single word — just — can unfairly deflate anyone’s impression of you. I’m just an intern I’m just a part-timer I’m just a volunteer Remove the word “just” and replace it with one of its meanings, “merely,” and you have a false definition of your worth. Why is this […]

May you establish priorities

MAY you … For the month of May, we are devoting this blog to our wishes for journalists present and future: “MAY you … “ Every day, you will find a tip, a tidbit or a top-of-mind piece of advice we hope will help you now and later This wish applies to your professional and personal […]

Market decline is opportunity to learn

We often say there is opportunity in the news, and this week the market slide is one of those times. When people are losing money — a lot of it — it might sound a bit odd to focus on the positive. But we suggest you consider this: When big stories such as this one […]