Favoritism vs news judgment

When assessing content, if you must think too long about whether something is fair, then it probably is not, and you should redirect your energy into making it fair. Fairness has to do with being aware of and attentive to nuances, treating people with respect, and anticipating perceptions that readers will take away with them. […]

How to decide news values — encore

News judgment and news values have one thing in common — they take a good amount of looking inward and thinking. To that end, we are offering a previously published post: “Which story is the lead? Look inward.” Originally published in February 2010, the advice still stands. Deciding story play takes communication and questioning, and […]

Which story is the lead? Look inward

Every semester in my editing class, students participate in an exercise in which they must rank 10 stories in order of importance to their audience. Individually, the students rank the stories and write a brief explanation about their choice for the lead story. Then, the students gather in groups of two and three to share […]