3 ways to test your trust in today’s news

not teaching,still THINKING … Now is a good time to share, again, some key ways that news consumers can test whether they can trust the information bombarding them about serious national issues in today’s news. Try any — or all — of these three simple exercises. After you have followed your normal routine for consuming […]

Journalists: Judge and be judged

Judgment. Journalists use it all the time. It is something we rely on to do our jobs, whether we are reporters or editors, beginners or veterans. Online or print. Or, most often, both. Readers and viewers use their judgment, too, when they assess us. Two stories in the news recently fall into the category, “Don’t […]

Letting things go: Video

Letting things go. Perhaps someone at some time has gently advised you to “let it go.” Maybe you have told someone else — or yourself — this same thing. In interpersonal relationships in the workplace or when handling a story, you’ll be in situations in which you must know when to “let it go.” When […]