Choose lively language with these 3 tips

not teaching,still THINKING … Lively language. The way we put words together makes a difference in how our message is received. One way to achieve lively language is to choose strong verbs. Substitute a strong verb for a weak one. Choose verbs that show action. Avoid “there is” and “there are.” Here are some simple […]

Tips to achieve lively language

Writers love words, right? And there are so many choices. Choose wisely. One way is to focus on strong verbs and the active voice. Make it a top priority to achieve lively language. Following are some tips to get you started. How to strengthen verbs Weak: There are good reasons to use strong verbs when […]

Writing headlines? 10 easy steps for you

Headlines and leads share a mission. They must crystallize the best elements of the story, while informing and enticing the audience. Editors aren’t the only ones who write headlines these days. Reporters, especially in digital-first newsrooms, are doing everything: reporting, writing and posting. This means writing and publishing headlines, too. 10 Steps to Writing a […]