Cosmic element to this divorce

In our book, we talk about the cosmic graph of a story and the cosmic element of an issue. One way to get cosmic is to “help establish why a story is important because of the potential for what could happen later.” This is the case with the divorce contract between Steven Simkin and Laura […]

Happy New Year from Two Profs

We recently passed the one-year mark of blogging for Think Like an Editor. We started the blog to coincide with the publication last January of our book, “Think Like an Editor: 50 Strategies for the Print and Digital World.” In that time, we produced dozens of videos and posted blog items about strategies in our […]

Connect with us at AEJMC

We have connected with many former journalism colleagues who also are here with us in Denver at the AEJMC conference. The sessions have been informative and interesting, and many of them have covered the very issues that inspired us to write our book, “Think Like an Editor: 50 Strategies for the Print and Digital World.” […]

Take 10 steps to better enterprise ideas

In thinking about enterprise story ideas — as master’s students are doing now in their six-week news writing boot camp at the Newhouse School — I am reminded how difficult it is sometimes to develop, as some say, “a story from nothing.” Or so it may seem. But, in fact, the beauty of enterprise ideas […]

Letting things go: Video

Letting things go. Perhaps someone at some time has gently advised you to “let it go.” Maybe you have told someone else — or yourself — this same thing. In interpersonal relationships in the workplace or when handling a story, you’ll be in situations in which you must know when to “let it go.” When […]

Zero-sum thinking

A guest here at the Newhouse School the other day told a group of us that basic photo slideshows on his newspaper’s site (200,000 daily circulation) outdrew video views by 220-1. (He was talking about photos with captions, no audio.) Our guest also told us that the most popular video on the site was basic, […]