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Think first, then tell the truth

No good comes from a lie. We have seen that most recently with the made-up story involving four Olympic swimmers in Rio de Janeiro. The fabrication was that they were robbed in a taxi — by police, at gunpoint — when, in fact, they themselves had vandalized a public restroom. The only money they had […]

Tim Duncan gives a lesson on coaching

Nothing beats a good victory. Whether you were cheering for the San Antonio Spurs or the Miami Heat in the NBA Championship Finals, or whether you weren’t interested at all, you cannot help but appreciate the camaraderie of the players and be happy for the team, the coach and the fans. When the Spurs beat […]

How to make wise personal decisions

All journalists have an awesome responsibility. Editors, in particular, have an obligation to protect the credibility of their product and their organization by making wise personal decisions. They can do that by recalling the tenets of ethical decision-making in a newsroom and by remembering the appropriate way to ACT. Assess the situation Consider the consequences […]

10 warning signs about credit

Journalists and content consumers, alike, share a need to know where information comes from, who is providing it and how it was gathered. Whether the content is a long-form story in print or a link shared on social media, we need to be able to trust it. To that end, we share 10 warning signs […]

Secret ‘patients’ = a journalism lesson

UPDATED 6/28/11 to fix the link to The New York Times story. I read the news today that the federal government plans to use “mystery shoppers” to gauge how the health care system is working, under the headline “U.S. Plans Stealth Survey on Access to Doctors” by Robert Pear at The New York Times. The […]

Plagiarism kills careers: Video

You might think it a bit of a downer to mention plagiarism at the beginning of a semester, but actually there is no better time to remind ourselves that nothing will kill a career faster. All you have is your credibility. Don’t throw it away by cheating, by claiming someone else’s work as your own. […]