Gawker 101 — its history and influence

If you don’t know what to think about the recent shutdown of Gawker.com, then you must read Farhad Manjoo’s column, “Gawker’s Gone. Long Live Gawker.” It is rich — full of history and examples that bring context to the development and decline of the digital service. Here are a few tidbits from the column: “It […]

Minimum wage issue a lesson in inclusion

Classes at the Newhouse School start a week from today, and it’s time to remind ourselves how many lessons surround us every day, with every story and post that we read. Take, for example, the increased minimum wage issue that’s been in the news. Lots of information. Plenty of opinions. If you’re following that news, […]

Don’t be too casual with your writing

If you text or email from your mobile devices, then you know how easy it is to communicate by making up words, abbreviating words, omitting words and leaving out punctuation — CU@8, for example. This punchy way of talking serves a purpose. It gets the message across on a small screen in a readable way, […]

Journalism first and gems in the middle

It arrived in the mail this week. Landed in our mailbox. The one at the curb, not in the computer. A postcard. Imagine that. I cannot recall the last time I received a “picture postcard.” This one was from Lake Placid, and it was sent by a friend who surprises us from time to time […]

Have fun — and keep up to date, too

“Keep yourself up to date.” Right. What does that mean, and how do you do it? It means trying to learn something new, or add to your skills, all the time. It can be big (taking a class) or small (carrying your camera with you for a week and shooting something every day to get […]

What athletes tweet: lessons for all

On the road to work, I heard something on a sports radio program that fits with this week’s earlier post by my blog co-author, who suggested that collaboration is all about making judgments and, at times, leaving some things unsaid. The network was ESPN and the topic was tweeting. The big question: What is appropriate […]