Help yourself: 10 questions to ask

By · Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Think_CoverThe final strategy of our “Think Like an Editor” book ends with “Strategy 50: Keep Asking Questions.” We chose that ending because, as we wrote, it’s a theme of the entire book: “Good journalists – passionate ones – ask the right questions.”

We firmly believe: “Questions are liberating, not confining. They release your creativity and unleash your curiosity.”

At the midpoint of our academic semester, now is a good time to revisit Our Final 10 Questions. They are posed in a way for journalists to focus their minds and keep improving their products and themselves.

  1. How have I added value to the work I do and what I produce?
  2. What purpose is my work serving in my community and for my audience?
  3. How can readers and consumers act on my work?
  4. How have I been creative?
  5. How have I inspired others, whether they are peers and colleagues or readers and consumers?
  6. What do people need to know and how can I deliver it to them?
  7. How can I embrace and involve my audience?
  8. How have I had fun?
  9. What have I learned?
  10. How can I work better with my colleagues?

Each question is accompanied by the briefest of explanations, such as the one about having fun: “If you’re bored, your audience is bored.”

We invite you to join us in the never-ending effort to do good journalism and enjoy doing it. For journalists, every day is different. That’s half the fun of it. The other half is what we make of each day.

Emilie Davis

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