Add value at the top for readers

By · Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

In a digital world, it’s all about “added value” for readers.

Picture yourself behind the information desk at a mall, as the person who anticipates shoppers’ questions and is ready with answers.

Ask these three simple questions of yourself:

  1. What can the digital experience add to the story?
  2. What questions can I answer?
  3. What services can I provide?

When readers click or tap on a story, they should see the added value right away — displayed prominently. The concept of added value should be “top of mind” on digital platforms.

Let readers feel in charge by offering an array of choices at the outset, whether they tap on an engaging graphic or interactive map, go to your archive, dive into a database, swipe through a photo gallery or follow a link. As long as you are keeping readers in motion, and they are clicking and tapping, you’re succeeding.

Build a smart reputation for adding value to your readers’ experiences, and they will return for more.

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