Think — give yourself this gift every day

By · Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

Time. Never enough of it. But there’s always time to think.

You might be thinking right now that we haven’t had time to post on this blog since the last item, Oct. 1. Not true. Just didn’t have anything to say.

Really? Really.

We understand, because we experience it ourselves, that you are bombarded all the time. With information. Misinformation. Useless information. News. Repetitious news. Fake news. Blogs. Videos. Photos. Photo galleries. Photo albums. Life hacks. And more.

Find the right place and moment to just think

Find the right place and moment to just think

As the fall semester draws to a close at the Newhouse School, with classes ending next week, we share this final review for journalists.

Take time out of your day, every day, to just think. You’ll feel refreshed and energized. And when faced with important decisions, life-changing realities and mind-numbing situations, you’ll use that energy to your benefit and the benefit of others.

Time. There’s always time to think.

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