We all need a compass for True North

By · Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

not teaching,
still THINKING …

For the first time in roughly 20 years, these two profs will not be in the classroom at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School when the fall semester starts. Call it retirement or the start of a new adventure, we won’t be teaching. But we’ll be thinking.

Our credos. The same mantras we followed the past 20 some years and the 20 some years before that, in our first careers as journalists with the Gannett Company.

“Do the right thing. Not what’s comfortable. Not what’s convenient. Not what’s painless. Not what’s popular. Remember: Be true to yourself. There is no such thing as an act or a decision without consequences.” (Steve Davis)


“Trust your gut. Be firm but not stubborn. Be flexible but have conviction. Take responsibility for your decisions. Make the right decisions for the right reasons. Be nice. There’s nothing wrong with being nice.” (Emilie Davis)

As we say in our “Think Like an Editor” book, credos are not feel-good words but rather practical undertakings. They are simple mission statements. And you don’t have to be an editor or a journalist to have one.

Credos help people balance competing interests and conflicts that can — and do — arise, on the job and in life.

What’s yours?

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