Want to do it yourself? Think again

not teaching,still THINKING … Amazed is our reaction to watching a professional crew take down a mature tree more than 40 feet tall in a neighboring yard. All in a mere half day’s work. One crew member in a bucket methodically touched every branch, cut it with a chainsaw, dropped it to the other workers […]

Encore: Offensive? Poor taste? Neither?

This post originally was published June 18, 2012. It still applies to sensitive content today. The yearbook cover of a local middle school here in the Syracuse area caught the attention of some parents, who were upset that the photo montage — student faces forming the design of the school’s mascot — segregated the students by […]

How quickly perspectives can change

Last night, as I was finishing up some work on the computer, I turned on the TV and glanced periodically at the basketball game just starting between Rhode Island and North Carolina in the NIT. My interest in the game was rooted in Rhode Island Coach Jim Baron, who graduated from my alma mater, St. […]

Follow a process when editing

Not long ago, we had a situation in our household: the case of the missing milk. “Someone” had put the half-gallon of milk on the running board of the truck when he was loading groceries into the vehicle, and that was the last that he saw of it. Not a happy ending. Compare that to […]