10 questions for unprecedented times

not teaching,still THINKING … Stakeholders are the most important people to journalists, and you — as news consumers — are among them. Usually, when we talk of stakeholders, we mean the following people we consider when we face ethical issues: Audience. This includes news consumers, sources for information, the bureaucrats we cover, everyday people we […]

What’s your stake in ethical decisions?

not teaching,still THINKING … When it comes to making ethical decisions, a good place to start is by considering three specific stakeholders and then asking yourself key questions about them. It’s a methodical process, and it works. First, the stakeholders: Audience. This includes your news consumers; your many sources; and your advertisers. Peers and profession. […]

Audience first — on any platform

A recent poynter.org post — Explore the Makings of Interactive Journalism — supports the thinking that every story, no matter the platform, deserves serious attention not only to the content, but also to the audience, at the start of story planning. Anna Li interviews Andrew DeVigal, who is director of content strategy at Second Story. […]

Don’t agree to anonymous source: video

Awhile back, we posted a brief introduction to Foofie, who is an identical replica of a stuffed animal my co-author had as a child. That post was prompted by an emailer who asked, “Who’s the bear on the bookshelf in your videos?” Here is what we said: The bear is a dog, and his name […]