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Let’s mix things up a little each day

not teaching,still THINKING … Change. It can be just as strongly embraced as it can be deeply rejected. People tend to be fond of change when it affects someone else, but resistant to change when it affects themselves. That’s human nature. Change, however, can be a good thing for a lot of reasons. It can […]

Make the best use of quotes — encore

Quotes bring life to a story. They inspire, inform, enlighten and engage us. They bring the voices of others to us. There is an art to including “real people” in stories. It takes insight, patience and thinking. To that end, we are sharing a previously published post: “‘Real People’ Quotes: We Can Do Better.” First […]

April 11: In the house? Pay attention!

For the month of April, our blog will be devoted to polishing your professional skills. Everything you need to know about courtesy, manners and common sense. And we do mean “need” to know. APRIL 11 Job hunting? Seeking an internship? Out there networking? Perhaps you’re not actively doing any of these, but you happen to be “in […]

Angry? Frustrated? Call me or drop by

A few days ago, I was reading a piece by Adam Bryant, who writes the Corner Office feature for The New York Times. Bryant crystallizes six things he says business leaders have emphasized to him over the past few years as crucial to success. (Or, as Bryant says, the things that are integral to nurturing […]

Cultivate your options (video)

Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. That shouldn’t give you a chill. It’s a fact of reporting, for sure — and all of journalism — and you should embrace it. How? By planning for it. If you see problems you encounter as curses, they indeed will be just that. But if you see them […]

Women in the news — or often not

This past week New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan wrote about a University of Nevada study that showed front-page stories in Sullivan’s paper quoted men more than three times as often as women. (The actual count was 65% of sources were male, 19% were female and 17% were unknown.) After mulling the study and […]