10 distracting transitions you can avoid

If you’re already immersed at an internship or are embarking on a new writing adventure, it seems a good point in time to draw attention to an important part of writing and the story structure: transitions. Transitions are words that take a reader from paragraph to paragraph, from topic to topic and from speaker to […]

Want to be a happy worker? It’s on you

If there’s one thing we learn from this interesting post about happy workers, it’s that one size does not fit all. Not all people. Not all places. In her short piece, “If You Want Happy Workers, Stop Treating Them Like Children,” author Aimee Groth takes us through the options for happiness: emotional needs and physical needs. The bottom […]

How to outshine other summer interns

We just read an interesting post via Fortune, “5 Signs You’re the Star Summer Intern” by Sarah Kauss. She shares great tips. Get your hands dirty Find your voice Embrace opportunity Share passions Show your enthusiasm You really need to read these explanations in full because while they might seem like common sense on the surface, […]

Encore: AP users ‘free’ of this comma

This post originally was published July 4, 2011. The Oxford comma still gets people talking. Social media has been a-Twitter over the mistaken notion that Oxford University would be doing away with the serial comma — use of a comma before the word “and” in a series. No matter to anyone who follows The Associated Press style, which […]

How to use a quote to draw a picture

So Syracuse got soaked last night and broke a record for rain for June 30: 2.64 inches, with 2.55 inches of it falling in just two hours. We know that from Glenn Coin at, who wrote a short piece about it. He also told us that the heavy rain caused flash flooding in some areas, […]

5 questions to ask when writing a lead

This might seem elementary for journalism veterans. It might seem outdated for those in newsrooms without editors. But we think it’s an important message: 5 questions to ask when writing a lead. These questions originally were intended for editors to ask reporters. However, they are questions reporters can — and should — ask themselves. What’s the […]