June, 2011

Retire cliches, rejuvenate your writing

I have noticed variations of “lions and tigers and bears, oh my” — the famous line from “Wizard of Oz” — in everything from music reviews to stories about the zoo. The latest comes in ad copy, on a page in a high-end furniture catalog: “Florals and Stripes and Plaids, Oh My? Oh, Yes!” This […]

Journalist caught in a lie, is fired

Three days after we published the post, “Message to Journalists: Don’t Lie,” we find out that a Chicago Sun-Times reporter has been fired after getting caught in a lie. It was a classic case. As Jim Romenesko explains in his Poynter column: “… veteran Paige Wiser was let go after her ‘Glee Live!’ concert review […]

Experience this quote the rest of today

Good quotes in a story are powerful. They bring us to a scene, evoke emotion and sometimes change us. That happened to me today as I read a short story published on syracuse.com about volunteers from the local Abundant Life Christian Center having driven 23 hours to Joplin, Mo., to help in the tornado recovery. […]

Message to journalists: Don’t lie

Did Rep. Anthony Weiner, who has admitted to having inappropriate online exchanges with women, violate House rules? Should he resign? Is this a matter between only his wife and him? These are among major questions raised in the aftermath of Weiner’s public admission, which followed his repeated denials. The question that stands out for me, […]

Strauss-Kahn case vs. skeptical editing

We have written before about skeptical editing, which is — in the words of journalist Reid MacCluggage — to put a story on the witness stand. The strategy is to ask, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, two important and often revealing questions: Who said it? How do you know it? The purpose is not […]

Twitter comes through as news tipsheet

I was doing a final check of my email and Twitter accounts last night, when I came across this tweet from The Associated Press: Twin friars, 92, die within hours of each other in Florida. Could it be the twin friars from St. Bonaventure University? I clicked on the link. It was, indeed. Years ago, […]