Know when to be flexible: Video

By · Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

A powerful trait in the workplace is flexibility. When you are flexible, you adapt to change, you are a productive member of the team and you work well with others.

In today’s evolving profession, journalists must adapt more and more. Perhaps you have found yourself in that situation: adapt (or be left behind), produce (or lose a coveted role), work well with others (or be considered a malcontent).

There are times, however, when it is not prudent to be flexible:

There are times, too, when you have no choice but to go along. In those instances, for example, you really aren’t being flexible; you are engaging in self-preservation.

As with many journalism issues, context is a factor. So adhere to deadlines, to style, to accuracy and to meeting certain expectations for the good of the product. And aim to earn praise for being flexible when you truly are making a difference because of the smart decisions you make — and when it is your choice to make them.

You can download our video about being flexible to your iPod or other portable device. Or, you can view it — and others in the archive — via our YouTube playlist, right off the Web, or in the player on our home page.

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