Always Think Customer Service

By · Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Two things happened to me this week when I was going through a routine day that reminded me of a previous post written by Steve Davis about treating readers like guests.

Customer service is all about attitude and action. Who wants to hear excuses? Response time is important. So are the words people use.

We all could learn something from the “best” in customer service. We would do well to remember how we are treated when we have a problem, and then act accordingly when someone comes to us with a problem. The concept of treating readers as guests can be applied to many situations.

At the garage, I felt like a guest. At the bank, not so much. Perhaps you are wondering why I don’t get with it and do my banking electronically. That is an issue for another time.

Emilie Davis


Forget electronic banking – I can’t believe an editor/professor doesn’t carry a pen! ;->

I agree about customer service; it makes all the difference. I’ve switched bank branches for that very reason. One time I reported a teller who was carrying on a personal conversation with a coworker the whole time he was processing a very large transaction, and then acted annoyed when I “interruped” to ask him a question. The bank manager assured me she would talk to him. I’m not sure if she did because I never went back to that branch – didn’t want to run into Chatty and incur his scorn!

In today’s economy, you would think businesses would do everything they could to make sure their employees are practicing good CS.