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Actions have consequences: Video

By · Monday, October 4th, 2010

We have been consumed recently by stories about what happens when people take action without thinking or when people are thoughtless about their actions. The news about CNN‘s Rick Sanchez and Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi are two examples. You probably can think of other stories in your community, on a local level, in which actions have consequences.

As journalists, we talk about putting yourself above reproach. Putting your newsroom above reproach. This can mean any number of things, depending on your newsroom culture and standards.

In our latest video, we show a short clip of an episode from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” In the episode, “Better Late than Never,” Mary and her friend get silly while Mary is doing a serious job: updating the obituary file. The result: The fake obit gets aired. You just have to see the look on Mary’s face to feel the panic and understand the pain.

Journalism is serious business, and so is getting an education. While we advocate for having fun on the job and at school, we also stress the value of thinking. Think before … anything.

Mary is a character on a TV show, but look no further than Rick Sanchez and Tyler Clementi for real-life pain and serious consequences.

You can download our video about consequences to your iPod or other portable device. Or, you can view it — and others in the archive — via our YouTube playlist, right off the Web, or in the player on our home page.

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