Keep readers up to date: Video

By · Friday, October 15th, 2010

We always try to remember that every reader or viewer is not as up to date on our blog posts as we might be. The same is true of stories and developments that you might be covering. Help your audience by reminding them how you got to where you are today on a story. The Web, particularly, makes this easy because you are not constrained by space.

Create an archive of cogent background files that you can routinely use with continuing stories. Think of all those conversations you have at home and in the newsroom, and how often someone wonders out loud what happened and when. Today, we often “Google it.”

But don’t ask your readers to do that when you can do it for them. And make it easy with sensible labels:

Keeping your readers up to date can be rewarding for everyone.

You can download this video to your iPod or other portable device. Or, you can view it — and others in the archive — via our YouTube playlist, right off the Web, or in the player on our home page.

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