10 things you don’t want to tweet

By · Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Summer internships already have begun, and many college students who graduated in May already have full-time, paying jobs. That’s great.

In the interest of helping them to keep those internships and jobs by maintaining a professional demeanor, we offer these tips on “10 Things You Don’t Want to Tweet.”

  1. Anything about your sexual life — or lack of one
  2. Anything negative about your boss or co-workers
  3. Details of how much you drank the night before — especially if today is a work day
  4. How you really don’t want to go to work today
  5. Any proprietary work information
  6. Anything that could reflect poorly on your place of business — such as, “We got flooded with a foot of water”
  7. Or, “The exterminator is on the way”
  8. How you have too much work to do
  9. How you have too little work to do — and how you’re spending that idle time
  10. That you can’t find a new job soon enough



Was this list inspired by any real-life incidents?