Closing of the ‘World’ is a dramatic read

By · Friday, July 8th, 2011

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If you want a good read, check out the latest news about the News of the World.

Britain’s tabloid, owned by Rupert Murdoch, is closing amid accusations of phone hacking. Today’s New York Times story has everything, and the nut graph says it all:

The scandal has shaken the intertwined worlds of press and politics, laid bare the cozy ties between British leaders and Mr. Murdoch and raised questions about the future of two once high-flying newspaper executives — Andy Coulson, a former editor of The News of the World and a former senior aide to (Prime Minister) Mr. Cameron, and Rebekah Brooks, the current chief executive of Mr. Murdoch’s newspaper operations in Britain.

According to the story, Coulson has been arrested “on suspicion of corruption and phone-hacking.”

You’ll also find in the story, mentions of:

It is interesting to compare the differences between the culture of the British press — the News of the World, in particular — and our own. Things will now be different for readers in Britain “as the World turns.”

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