Market decline is opportunity to learn

By · Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

We often say there is opportunity in the news, and this week the market slide is one of those times.

When people are losing money — a lot of it — it might sound a bit odd to focus on the positive. But we suggest you consider this: When big stories such as this one break, you can learn a lot. Editors and reporters, afterall, are expected to be strong generalists, able to write about a range of things smartly on short notice.

So …

The answers to all of these have been in news stories and analyses over just the last week. Sometimes the answers are in “explainer” stories, and sometimes you just start to “get it” if you keep reading stories that at first you didn’t understand. I often learn this way, by osmosis in effect.

This applies no matter where you are in your career — college classroom or professional newsroom — or where in your career path. You may be an intern this summer, but if you’re paying attention to the market meltdown now and soaking it all up, you may be the young opportunist in a year or two who gets the nod over others because you seem to know more — to be “smarter” — than your peers.

Steve Davis


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