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Clicking for Quake News

By · Friday, January 15th, 2010

The New York Times’ coverage of the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti is a prime example of how editors are thinking for the Web and print.

On today’s home page, a promo box offers choices: an interactive feature with satellite images, an interactive map, a video, a closer look, and a graphic.

An earthquake of this magnitude is not an everyday occurrence, nor is the breadth of coverage.

But in towns and cities and communities every day, at news organizations large and small, editors have the ability to think about how to fully cover local tragedies, national and global tragedies that have local angles, and everyday events. Their thinking can lead to stories that show readers and involve readers.

When readers are involved, they are called to action, free to comment, motivated to help. They are informed and enlightened in many ways.

Ultimately, resources are a factor, but don’t get hung up on that because it’s your ability to think that counts. When you are called to act on a story, it is your thinking that will make a difference.

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