April 23: Tweet it? Live with it!

By · Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

For the month of April, our blog will be devoted to polishing
your professional skills.
Everything you need to know about courtesy, manners and common sense.
And we do mean “need” to know.


One way to keep a polished professional image is to watch what you say and what you share on social media. You hear this all the time. A great example is what happened to New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey yesterday and the professional way he handled the situation.

Six months after he had Tommy John surgery, he acknowledged the milestone event by tweeting a photo of himself yesterday. It showed him raising his middle finger, and it had been taken by his mother when he had been heading into surgery. But the Mets asked him to remove the tweet as inappropriate, according to an Associated Press story. Instead, Harvey deleted his entire Twitter account. Here are some key takeaways about his keen sense of professionalism:

  1. He explained himself. “I guess that was how I felt going into surgery, realizing that it was going to be a pretty long process ahead of me. So it was all fun and games. I guess that was my way of saying that I was going to try and beat the process.”
  2. He took ownership. “I’m not going to apologize for being myself and, you know, having a good laugh at a funny little picture. But I’ve kind of had enough with Twitter and I guess not being able to show your personal side, and I’ll keep those pictures to myself.”
  3. He moved on. “I think when you can’t really have fun anymore on a social media account, I think it comes time to get rid of it and, you know, I’ll have my fun with my friends and teammates who do know me for who I am.”

Read it. Learn it. Live it.
Be that person.

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