‘Boom Boom Book’ author shares his tips

By · Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Following the theme of our professional daily tips in the month of April, we are sharing a friendly pitch about a newly published must-read: “The Boom! Boom! Book” along with a guest post by the author.

Written by Michael Ryan, the book lives up to its subtitle: “Practical tips to make sure your career doesn’t go BUST!”


Michael is the former vice president and general manager of The Arizona Republic. In the book’s introduction, he tells readers why he wrote “The Boom! Boom! Book.”

After 35 years in the business world, I want to share my advice — to help others starting out and those already in their careers. I’ve seen a lot over those years — the good and the bad — and perhaps you can learn from my experiences. This is information you likely never learned in school but could prove valuable as you move forward.”

And he hopes you will “pay it forward,” too.

My inspiration is similar to the theme of the movie that debuted in 2000 called “Pay It Forward.” That the gifts and talents we receive aren’t meant to be kept, but to be shared.

“The Boom! Boom! Book” has received favorable reviews and has gotten attention from Jim Nantz, lead announcer at CBS Sports, and from Joe Scarborough, host of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC. Both endorsed the book on its back cover. Michael appeared on “Morning Joe.”

We asked Michael if he would share some career advice in a guest post. Read on for his tips … and remember to check out “The Boom! Boom! Book.”


4 B’s to Get an A (A = a JOB)

By Michael Ryan

College graduation – a time of great excitement and trepidation.

Excitement in that four (and sometimes more) years of education has resulted in a degree. BoomBoom_Ebook

Trepidation in that now the college grad likely needs to find a job.

As one college president aptly puts it: Parents don’t send their children to college only to have them end up back in their basement.

To lessen the odds of that happening, here are 4 B’s to get an A (A = a JOB).

  1. Be resourceful: Too often, job seekers send resumes to companies without addressing them to specific people. They might as well go buy Powerball tickets because their odds of getting a job are just slightly better than becoming a millionaire. People need to find out who is doing the hiring. They need to work their network. Do they know anyone at the company to which they are applying? Do they have a friend – or do their parents have a friend – who works there? Having a connection often helps in getting a job.
  2. Be a face not a name: Don’t just send a resume and leave it at that. It’s not like the hiring manager is going hallelujah that you applied. Do research on the hiring manager – the company website, LinkedIn and Google are great resources. Then call that person. Sometimes people will meet you if you’re knowledgeable about them and the company.
  3. Be professional: Clean up your social media profiles. Pictures of you at a keg party might have seemed cute when you posted them, but do you want a hiring manager seeing them? Also, overdress for an interview. People will never hold it against you for overdressing but likely will if you show up as if you just came from the beach. Follow up with a handwritten note thanking them and citing something specific the hiring manager said so that person knows you paid attention.
  4. Be persistent: Getting a job often takes time. Those who succeed are those who don’t give up. Every day do six things to advance the search, i.e. sending out resumes, calling potential leads, doing research. A job opportunity sometimes occurs when you least expect it.

Put these tips to work and soon you might be living in the penthouse – or at least not in your parents’ basement.

Michael Ryan is an award-winning journalist, former media executive and author of The BOOM! BOOM! Book: Practical tips to make sure your career doesn’t go BUST! His book and more tips are available at www.theboomboombook.com.

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