Multimedia stories aren’t add-ons

By · Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

The digital world offers so many opportunities to tell stories solely in digital form. To do this effectively, reporters and editors should think in advance of the best ways to tell the story.

All kinds of cameras and recorders can be mixed and matched, and some do it all. A reporter might need to carry a digital camera, not only to take still pictures but also to shoot short video if that is the vision for the story. Depending on the story, the reporter also might want to record natural sound — crowds at a protest, for example, or honking horns at a congested intersection.

The reporter might want to map the scene, especially a crime scene or traffic accident. If the reporter has thought in advance about an interactive map, then the task of gathering details and directions will be easier and the results more complete.

And don’t forget the ability to tweet content and photos from the scene or event. The more intensely reporters and editors focus on a plan for multimedia elements, the better the storytelling will turn out in the digital world.

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