Don’t be too casual with your writing

By · Saturday, May 24th, 2014
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If you text or email from your mobile devices, then you know how easy it is to communicate by making up words, abbreviating words, omitting words and leaving out punctuation — CU@8, for example. This punchy way of talking serves a purpose. It gets the message across on a small screen in a readable way, and it brings a friendly and super casual atmosphere to communication.

The language of texting is so pervasive that you might not even realize when you are using it. And that is risky because it could sneak into other places.

Already, for example, some people typing on a full screen prefer to write email messages with no capitalization and no punctuation — even though there is no compelling space reason.

Be careful that the texting style of omitting punctuation does not segue into your own writing and editing. It could happen easily.

Texting might be in style, but so is good writing and proper punctuation.

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