What’s the best way to tell a story?

By · Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

If you ask yourself this question at the start of any story planning, you likely will move forward with confidence and efficiency — and on a platform that maximizes your content. The key is to know how to handle multiple platforms and tools and to consider your options, smartly.

Here’s one strategy: Find inspiration from others.

The Web percolates with ideas that you and your colleagues can build on and find inspiration from on any given day. Once a month or so, try a variety of random and also strategic online searches to explore:

Get a small group together over lunch or coffee and discuss what you’ve found. Eventually, bring the conversation to a close with purpose. Ask yourselves:

Keep a particular focus on fun — an area that is not always a strength — and on the all-important themes of involving and including your audience.

Look for inspiration, not replication. The idea is not to copy the idea but to discover how you can get excited about it and learn from it.

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