New ‘Storyline’ tells it like it is

By · Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

The Washington Post just announced the start of a new storytelling site: Storyline. Jim Tankersley, editor of Storyline, explains.

Today we launch a new destination on, dedicated to the power of stories to help us understand complicated, critical things. We’re focused on public policy, but not on Washington process. We care about policy as experienced by people across America. About the problems in people’s lives that demand a shift from government policymakers and about the way policies from Washington are shifting how people live.

Any storyteller should be excited about what this site promises:

Stories are fundamental to communication, and journalists are trained storytellers. In an evolving profession, journalists are learning to tell stories in different ways, on multiple platforms. The constant is why they do it — to enlighten, entertain and engage.

These themes also are paramount to an evolving audience — people who want more and expect more, who want it now, who want it their way.

Let’s watch and experience what it’s all about as The Washington Post gets started.

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