Shed your fears and get going

By · Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

A piece published on Fast Company today will lift your spirits and help you soar to success.

In his “7 Methods to Overcome Your Fear of Failure,” entrepreneur Faisal Hoque gives us hope and an action plan, starting with his description of “fear of failure.”

The overwhelming sentiment growing inside of us, gnawing at us, and saying, “You cannot do this,” is what deters us from our goal of achieving the greatness we are born to do.

For entrepreneurs, this piece is a pep talk — it will motivate and inspire you to action.

For journalists, it is a friendly reminder — it will enlighten and encourage you to be original.

This is really important because “fear of failure” is a well-established reason people plagiarize and fabricate. When people plagiarize (steal someone else’s work without giving credit, be it two sentences or two paragraphs) or fabricate (make up content, be it people or quotes), they upend all of their good work to date, and they hurt themselves and their profession.

Anyone would rather see you “fail” at meeting a deadline or providing an all-important quote in a story than resort to dishonesty. So take a closer look at Hoque’s 7 methods in full and heed his advice to keep your “can-do attitude.”

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