NPR leader has some advice for us

By · Friday, June 12th, 2015

When we speak of change in the media industry, we’re often drawing attention to the latest about newspapers and online publishers. Today, we direct you to radio.

National Public Radio’s Jarl Mohn talks audience, podcasts and the basics in an interview with Brett Zongker for The Associated Press.

Consider this telling line from The Big Story interview:

“We don’t have to change the essence of who we are to get a younger audience.
We just need to tell great stories.”

Mohn also gives a nod to the basics, that all-important ingredient for any journalist:

“It’s basics. It’s blocking and tackling that a lot of people may have forgotten just because year after year after year, things have drifted.”

  • What’s your role in the media world?
  • What great stories are you telling?
  • How are you keeping the basics top of mind?

Read Zongker’s full interview with Mohn and see which takeaways you can apply to your own work, especially if you feel “things have drifted.”

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