How to lead when you want to scream

By · Friday, June 19th, 2015

In a feature published on called “CNY Conversations,” editor Stan Linhorst talks each week with a local person in a leadership role. The Q/A is always about “leadership, success and innovation.”

Today, the conversation is with the president of a plastics manufacturing firm, and it offers a great lesson for journalists and communicators.

Our takeaways:

In the conversation, John Currier, president of Currier Plastics in Auburn, New York, describes a difficult situation in which his own takeaway is this:

“Relax. Don’t overreact. Don’t make the situation worse.” 

We can apply that approach to many situations as journalists, especially in our reporter-editor relationships, in our interactions with sources and in our give-and-take with people who comment on the work we create.

Take a minute to read about that difficult situation in Currier’s own words. It’s a life lesson that is sure to stay with you.

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