How to use a quote to draw a picture

By · Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

So Syracuse got soaked last night and broke a record for rain for June 30: 2.64 inches, with 2.55 inches of it falling in just two hours.

We know that from Glenn Coin at, who wrote a short piece about it.

He also told us that the heavy rain caused flash flooding in some areas, and that the flooding was worst in the city.


Weather service meteorologist Erik Heden said it is because “urban areas have more pavement.”


Well, a neatly placed quote from Heden explains:

“Some of the water on farmland or in a rural area soaks into the ground, and if the ground is saturated (the rain) takes longer to get to the creeks and streams.
In the city it doesn’t soak into anything. Your roads become your streams.”

There you go — 47 words, or 23 percent of the 208-word piece, show the story.

And a bonus is the part that provides a crystallizing quote:

“Your roads become your streams.”

Thank you, Glenn, for words we can visualize.

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