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News21: Students in two years — 2009 and 2010 — produced projects over the summers financed through a major grant from the Carnegie and Knight Foundations.

— 2009, SU students met together in a class through the spring and then accepted paid, 10-week summer internships to work on the Web page, which explored how technology is changing the way — every way — young people grow up. The project was led by myself and professors Bruce Strong and Ken Harper.

— 2010, Apart from War: Students relocated to rural Washington State, where they reported on the re-integration of war veterans into society. We chose this area because of a rich history of compelling stories going back to Vietnam.

South Side communuity newspaper project: I founded the South Side Newspaper Project, which includes a
Web site at and free monthly print paper that will debut in February 2010. The project serves the 13205 ZIP code in Syracuse with community journalism. The newspaper is produced by a part-time, paid director; community volunteers; and SU students who work for credit or as volunteers themselves.

The South Side neighborhood is a diverse and culturally rich neighborhood working to overcome the economic challenges of one of the lowest household incomes in the country.

South Side Meets South Africa: In January of 2011, I took a class to Grahamstown, South Africa, on the Eastern Cape, where we spent a week profiling community members. These were paired with similar video pieces about Syracuse South Siders. We wanted to test the theory that no matter where you travel, people are people who are determined to make their lives better. Mission accomplished at the World Journalism Project.