How we can add style to our writing

not teaching,still THINKING … Order out of chaos. That’s what style guides bring to our writing. The go-to resource for journalists is The Associated Press Stylebook. When used properly and regularly, it brings consistency to what we write and to what you read. That means: No distractions about why a word might be hyphenated one […]

10 warning signs about credit

Journalists and content consumers, alike, share a need to know where information comes from, who is providing it and how it was gathered. Whether the content is a long-form story in print or a link shared on social media, we need to be able to trust it. To that end, we share 10 warning signs […]

Gypsy references require caution

For many years, I have been giving an editing exercise to students that includes a reference to “Gypsy.” The idea is to see whether the students will look up the term in the AP Stylebook and recognize whether the term is used properly or decide that the term is perpetuating a stereotype and should be […]

AP’s online style updates a real asset

Style brings order out of chaos. That’s why The Associated Press Stylebook is the go-to source in the journalism profession and why so many organizations adhere to its style guidelines. Big style news yesterday: The AP changed its style from “Web site” to “website.” We first heard the news on Twitter. We were following Tweets […]