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Are you your own editor? Read on

Information moves quickly. So must you. Here are some key questions to ask yourself when reporting and writing a story, especially on deadline. They’ll stick with you. Keep them in mind before you retweet someone else’s story, too. Be sure that any content attached to your name meets basic standards. Be a standout when it […]

8 questions to ask about sources

If you’re publishing your own work — whether as a freelancer or an employee of a media company — here are some important questions to ask yourself. You can use them as a checklist to ensure you give proper credit and include the best sources. Appropriate attribution and sourcing will set you apart as someone who […]

Put large numbers in context

We have brought up this topic before — how context and background can greatly benefit the telling of a story. Writers and editors learn to keep this top of mind when gathering, writing and editing content. A story in today’s New York Times about the devastating effects of the flooding in Pakistan is a good […]