Astros sign scandal steals reputations

not teaching,still THINKING … “At the end of the day, all we have in this game is our reputation.” So said a baseball executive to ESPN in the wake of the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal, thus stating the obvious when it comes to ethics.  Why do people cheat or stretch the rules or otherwise risk their good names? The […]

Life lesson from baseball’s Tex Simone

It has taken the passing of a local sports legend and icon of the Syracuse, New York, baseball scene to revive our Think Like an Editor blog, which has been on sabbatical for what was supposed to be a semester — but extended into another half a semester. Anthony “Tex” Simone — former chief operating […]

When things are out of your control

Today we bring you a lighthearted moment — for viewers — but a good example of how sometimes things are just out of your control. Click here for a story and video of a squirrel that runs by the batter, distracts the pitcher and scampers through the crowd watching the National League Division Series Game […]