Privacy — heed these 7 cautions

not teaching,still THINKING … Archaic is the word we’d use to describe cautions about privacy that we shared back in 2011 when “Think Like an Editor” was published. We say “archaic” now because privacy at that time was something that seemed able to be protected. Today, it seems, everything is public. Yet those cautions are […]

Cautions on reader-submitted photos

The audience has become part of the news gathering process, and that has benefits on many levels. We get to see snippets of videos taken in real time. We see photos shot from mobile devices as news happens. We become witnesses to the news event by virtue of everyday people being at the scene. While we, […]

Have fun – but no surprises (video)

No surprises. That’s something I say a lot when discussing stories that are being planned for publication. What I mean: Create a plan Communicate it Keep updating editors as circumstances warrant What constitutes a surprise: Plan gets tossed New plan is adopted None of that is communicated in real time That type of surprise is […]