Check. Recheck. Check again.

not teaching,still THINKING … One small change can make a big difference. As journalists, we want the difference to be a positive one. That’s why everyone needs an editor. The following examples of published errors are worth repeating. The mistakes range from transposed numbers to wrong information from a source. That’s how: Barrette appears as […]

These errors led to corrections

When news is accurate, then readers trust the information and the institution. They consider the news product credible. Credibility hinges on accuracy. Once accuracy is in doubt, credibility can be lost. And once credibility is lost, it is difficult to regain. Journalists are in the habit of checking facts and questioning everything. They do it […]

Know what you know: Video

Listen. Communicate. You do this with others. But what about listening to yourself? There are many times, while reading and editing, when something doesn’t seem quite right. You might even “notice” it. But you don’t pay attention to this detail or fact or piece of information long enough to act on your instinct. That’s because […]