5 tips for handling photos responsibly

not teaching,still THINKING … Freedom comes with choices, but how to know the right choice to make? Since all of us share and view so many photos a day, here are 5 tips for good choices that benefit everyone. Do not electronically delete a person from the middle of a photo as if the person […]

Get your audience involved in you

Today being the first day of summer, we advocate getting out to enjoy the longest day of the year and getting involved in some fun activities. First, though, here are some tips to get your audience involved in you. Do you know the feeling you get when someone taps you on the shoulder? The point of that […]

Add value at the top for readers

In a digital world, it’s all about “added value” for readers. Picture yourself behind the information desk at a mall, as the person who anticipates shoppers’ questions and is ready with answers. Ask these three simple questions of yourself: What can the digital experience add to the story? What questions can I answer? What services […]

Find your way with an editor’s credo

Today might not be the first day of the spring semester everywhere, but it is here at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School, which brings to mind some thoughts about editors’ credos. A credo is something that will help you to approach your role as an editor with purpose. It will help you to stay focused when […]