Read, read, read. Did we say read?

Time to read. Wish I had more of it. If that were the case, I might have finished reading three special books by now. “Of Course You Can Have Ice Cream for Breakfast! A Journalist’s Uncommon Memoir” by Ron Cohen. Just published. Ron is an award-winning journalist for more than 40 years who led coverage […]

Be original – tips to eliminate cliches

Cliches weaken your message. They can be slang expressions, common phrases or idioms. They are not creative. Cliches are not-so-gently used words — over and over, again and again. They are tired and worn out, and they wear out readers. Good writers use their own words to describe a scene, to capture a moment, to […]

Retire cliches, rejuvenate your writing

I have noticed variations of “lions and tigers and bears, oh my” — the famous line from “Wizard of Oz” — in everything from music reviews to stories about the zoo. The latest comes in ad copy, on a page in a high-end furniture catalog: “Florals and Stripes and Plaids, Oh My? Oh, Yes!” This […]

When is it Darkest?

An e-mailer points out something in our video about cliches. I say that it is “always darkest before the storm.” True? Possibly. But the actual saying refers to “the dawn.” This brings up another reason to avoid cliches: They often are mixed up or misused. Be original! Emilie Davis

Avoid Cliches — Video

Cliches are words or phrases that have become trite with overuse. They might seem clever or perfect — until you realize how many times other writers also have used them. In our third video post, we mention that it is easy to overlook cliches in writing because they are so commonly used. Journalists should strive […]