3 common feelings you must understand

not teaching,still THINKING … Worried? Stressed? Anxious? All of the above? Deadlines will do that to you. So will your imagination. A recent piece in The New York Times by Emma Pattee explains the differences. The reason we share this with you is not only because you might find the information valuable as you navigate […]

10 ways to keep your wits on deadline

not teaching, still THINKING … Now, more than ever, editors must remain unflappable in their roles as gatekeeper, cool head and last defense — sometimes the only defense — against error and misstep. Editors are asked to do more, to know more and to juggle more, and often they have less time to do it. […]

Give up, but don’t quit

not teaching, still THINKING … Time works against us in a publish-every-second world. But it doesn’t have to get the best of us. Here are some tested tips to get you through time-sensitive moments: Give up perfection but don’t quit on quality. That means do check for accuracy, do write for clarity, do communicate succinctly. […]

April 10: Miss a deadline? No excuse!

For the month of April, our blog will be devoted to polishing your professional skills. Everything you need to know about courtesy, manners and common sense. And we do mean “need” to know. APRIL 10 Funny how our minds work. We often mix up dates for important appointments or deadlines. But here’s something to think about: […]

Take Responsibility for Missed Deadlines

Even on the best of days, mistakes happen. When they do, the most important action you can take is to take responsibility. Step 1. Acknowledge the error Step 2. Inform the appropriate person Step 3. Understand why the mistake happened and how not to make it again Step 4. Follow the proper procedure for fixing […]

Know when to be flexible: Video

A powerful trait in the workplace is flexibility. When you are flexible, you adapt to change, you are a productive member of the team and you work well with others. In today’s evolving profession, journalists must adapt more and more. Perhaps you have found yourself in that situation: adapt (or be left behind), produce (or […]