Trust this favorite tip to trust yourself

not teaching,still THINKING … Year’s end seems to be a natural time for making decisions of all kinds — some lighthearted, others life-changing ones. In our quest to simplify the complicated when possible, here is a favorite tip for you: Trust your gut. Skeptical about information in a story? Trust your gut. If a story […]

How to decide news values — encore

News judgment and news values have one thing in common — they take a good amount of looking inward and thinking. To that end, we are offering a previously published post: “Which story is the lead? Look inward.” Originally published in February 2010, the advice still stands. Deciding story play takes communication and questioning, and […]

‘You can’t always get what you want’

Life’s not fair. Or, as pleasantly phrased by The Rolling Stones, “You can’t always get what you want.” We have to remind ourselves of that every day. And, we must hope that those around us remember it, too. Whether you are making an ethical decision, a personal decision or a decision that will affect others […]

How quickly perspectives can change

Last night, as I was finishing up some work on the computer, I turned on the TV and glanced periodically at the basketball game just starting between Rhode Island and North Carolina in the NIT. My interest in the game was rooted in Rhode Island Coach Jim Baron, who graduated from my alma mater, St. […]

Which story is the lead? Look inward

Every semester in my editing class, students participate in an exercise in which they must rank 10 stories in order of importance to their audience. Individually, the students rank the stories and write a brief explanation about their choice for the lead story. Then, the students gather in groups of two and three to share […]