Covering coronavirus is for all writers

not teaching,still THINKING … Specialty writing is holding a special place these days in our consumption of news as a major news story — the coronavirus — touches every aspect of our lives. The idea that hard news is for only “news” reporters to cover has, once more, been debunked. We have always taught and […]

Reinvent yourself over and over

We both read with interest the news that Cathie Black, of Hearst Magazines, had been named by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to head the city school system. Cathie Black is a former top executive of USA TODAY, dating back to its infancy almost 30 years ago. Her CV contains many firsts. We first […]

Data can’t rule every decision

A tweet from a Paley Center event Friday in New York got me going a bit. The venue was The Future of Journalism Education summit. And the Tweet read something like this: “Just stumped panel with question about who’s following them on Twitter. No one has data.” Ah. Data. Data is great. We find out […]